Effective pilot plant for rubber recycling

During the last six months of 2021, the pilot plant of Active Rubber managed to successfully process 50 tonnes of rubber tracks into various qualities of rubber powder.

The aim was to test the efficiency of the process for high-pressure water jetting, drying and sorting powder based on particle size. Work was also carried out on the energy-efficiency of the processing itself, so that the maximum amount of powder can be produced using the lowest possible energy.

An innovative CO2-reducing process

A discovery was made that the water jetting process could help to realize a considerable reduction in CO2 compared to existing methods such as incineration and dumping.

Parc Active Rubber BV

Results from the pilot plant will be used to construct a commercial demo plant, for which preparations are already in full swing. For instance, a new company (bearing the name above) was founded in December 2021, and will be responsible for the joint recycling activities of PARC BV in Giessen and Active Rubber BV in Oldehove.

A sustainable investment

In order to finance the commercial demo plant, discussions are taking place with financial institutions and venture capital companies, while a subsidy application has also been submitted under a scheme for innovative sustainable projects. The demo plant is expected to require a total investment of around 5 million euros.

Processing capacity of 6000 tonnes by mid-2022

The demo plant should be operational by mid-2022 and will be able to process over 6000 tonnes of rubber waste each year. To realize this, EOL rubber will be collected from Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands.

The logistical process for supplying rubber and selling powder will be ready in Q2 2022.

If you have questions or want to request samples, please contact us via the website.
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Margreeth van den Berg

Margreeth van den Berg

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